KIX奋力开拓远程航线, 吸引欧美航司, 将新增SVO ZRH IST DOH
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Kansai Airport near Osaka is launching more flights to Europe and the Middle East in an effort to branch out beyond Asia,which now makes up 91% of its international traffic.

"We are working hard to attract not just Asian flights,but those to Europe and the U.S. as well," said Yoshiyuki Yamaya,CEO of Kansai Airports. The company took over the airports' operations from the Japanese government in 2016.
The operating company offers discounted landing and parking fees for new routes. It is also analyzing trends among foreign tourists to the greater Osaka region to convince foreign airlines to start flying into the gateway.
Negotiations are ongoing with carriers in Europe,the U.S. and Oceania,said Executive Vice President Gregory Jamet.

The strategy is producing results. Russian carrier Aeroflot will start operating a connection to Moscow next June after a 16-year absence. It will be the second route serving a Russian city after Vladivostok.
Flights to Moscow will utilize the Airbus A330 passenger jet,which seats 229 people. Four round trips will be scheduled per week,and tourists are expected to form much of the traffic.
Swiss International Air Lines,or Swiss,will launch flights to Zurich,Switzerland,starting in March. The next month,Turkish Airlines will establish connections to Istanbul and Qatar Airways will start service to Doha.


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