China Guangzhou to America(USA) by courier(air) and sea
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YDT shipping company offer the cheapest air and sea shippig door to door service from China Guangzhou to America(USA)
Offer taobao shopping and shipping service for America(USA) friends

To America(USA) Friends
Are you going to shop from taobao website and trouble with shipping back America(USA)?
We can offer you our warehouse address to help receive goods.,consolidate all parcels,then ship together.
We also help customer shop from taobao ,alibaba.just charge at least 35RMB or  3% payment service
1. f you have taobao account and Alipay accout,you just get customer code from us, and put our address to your taobao delivery address.
Attn:customer code +黄生
(for example: US001+黄生)
post code:510420
Mob: 13609015534
Tel: 020-37417007
★ the doc can help you list the courier no. Goods details(product **,quantity,unit price,total amount ,by sea or by air) and you delivery address etc.
★customer code for separte your goods with other customers ,very important
2. When you finish shopping, you just send back the courier no list, will send one document for your list ,and let me know the total packages,when I got the all the parcels,or any questions, will feed back you.
3. after receive all the parcels,finish packing, and let you know the actual weight and volume weight.and total freight charge.
4.For the payment:
1).pay by Western union or by China bank transfer
2)use Alipay or wechat to transfer
3)use taobao line to do the payment
5. Arrange the shipping
to America(USA) by courier service,about 4days arrive.
plesae note that the count of volume weight way is*W*H/6000 (by cm), will compare the actual weight,which one is more ,will charge which one. as like, if the box size is: 50*60*50cm/6000=25kg, the actual weight is: 20KG, will charge as 25KG, if same size, the actual weight is:30KG, will charge 30KG
if goods have battery or liquird, brand **, need to check with us.
2. By Sea to America(USA) (from my warehouse to doorstep by sea )
Transit time: about 20 days,
Loading date: each Wednesday and Saturday
The charge is include America(USA) customs clear charge and so on sea ,not including the pick up charge.if need pick up charge service, please offer the pick address.
3. We will delivery to the downstairs, if need help you delivery to upstairs,please talk to the driver.
4.we will offer all the export and import permit document for you, just you offer the packing list and invoice.
If any questions, please directly contact us for more information, we will offer our best service for you .
Guangzhou YDT shipping co.,ltd
Wechat: +8613609015534
WhatsApp: +8613609015534
QQ: 277546595
ADD: Bei 3 Jiangxia,Huangshi East Road,Baiyun district,Guangzhou,China


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