The 5th Shanghai International Aircraft Interiors Exhibition 2018
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  5th Shanghai International Aircraft Interiors Exhibition 2018



  May 2018 – 16 May 2018



  Exhibition and Convention Center (Hongqiao, Shanghai)




  Municipal Commission of Commerce

  Municipal Commission of Economy and Information




  Society of Aeronautics
  Society of Astronautics



  Golden Commercial Exhibition Co., Ltd.




  Industry Corporation of China

  Aircraft Corporation of China

  Engine Corporation of China

  Society of Aeronautics and Astronautics

  Eastern Airlines Corporation Limited

  Airport Authority


About AIE CHINA 2018:
The “5th Shanghai International Aircraft Interiors Exhibition” (AIE China) is one of the major exhibitions of Shanghai air-show; it is professional aircraft interiors exhibition based on the first successful exhibition in Asia. This exhibition strongly supported and participated by many airlines; aircraft maintenance companies; aircraft manufacturers; original equipment manufacturers; aviation materials suppliers; manufacturers of aircraft equipment, components and interiors such as: Aviation Industry Corp, Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China Ltd, Airbus, Boeing, Eastern Airlines, Southern Airlines, Hainan airlines, Tianjin Airlines, Spring Airlines, Embraer S.A., Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company Limited, Safran, Pratt & Whitney Group, Recaro, Tanlon, Gurit, Donica etc. During the exhibition, “5th International Aviation Engineering Summit Forum” is one of the highest and most influential activities in the field of aviation maintenance and cabin interior renovation in Asia. At the same time the topics of cabin interior products and technology optimization; technical support and development trends for entertainment on-board; aircraft cabin layout and interior design researched by many aviation enterprises and related units were concerned and recognized by Civil Aviation Administration of China during the meeting.
The International Aircraft Engineering Summit: The International Aircraft Engineering Summit is one of the most important activities of Air-show Shanghai. The event will invite CAAC, CAMAC, IAEA, AVIC, COMAC, AIRBUS, BOEING, Embraer China, Bombardier, Airlines and other enterprises at home and abroad as attendances and speakers. Topics are around Market Analysis and Development Strategy of China Civil Aviation Maintenance Industry, Airlines Maintenance Cost Strategy Selection and Trend, Aircraft Engine Maintenance Project Management and Risk Control, Maintenance and Second-hand Parts Optimization Purchasing and Inventory Management, Challenges and Opportunities Faced by IFE and Communication Systems, Aging Aircraft Maintenance Management, Aircraft Interiors’ Innovative Design and Its Materials’ Optimized Selection, etc.
COMAC Supplier Conference: COMAC Supplier Conference 2018 will also be the highlight of AIREXPO SHANGHAI. The representatives of domestic and foreign suppliers of Materials, standard parts and airborne systems, leaders of IPT teams of C919 and ARJ21 programs will attend the conference to discuss the work schedule for 2018, to sort and solve important and difficult problems, and coordinate and advance the work on the research and development of C919 and ARJ21 programs, as well as to promote the healthy development of Chinese aircraft manufacturing industry.
Major Exhibits:
• OEM / Aircraft manufacturers
• Cabin decoration Material: Flooring, soft furniture, decoration and textiles, sunshade and shutters, signboards and placards, interior paints and coverings, cabin storage, etc.
• Cabin Management System: Cabin cleaning system, toilet and waste equipment, cabin environment system / air conditioner, on-board entertainment and communication system, media, technology, hardware, etc.
• Aircraft seating
• Cabin safety: cabin security, power supply, light / LED, repair, etc.
• Kitchen installation: food service and refrigeration equipment, kitchen storage systems, etc.
• Others: control cabin door, connector, fastener, plastic mold, soundproofing, wiring & fibre-optical, etc.
Aircraft manufacturing enterprises at home and abroad; Airlines at home and abroad; Air cabin enterprises at home and abroad; Buyers for commercial airplanes at home and abroad; parts production enterprises at home and abroadInteriors design and planning units at home and abroad; The plane research institutes at home and abroad The plane interior accessories suppliers / buyers at home and abroad; Onboard seating suppliers; Onboard storage systems suppliers; Onboard Galley and Galley Inserts suppliers; Lavatory & Waste management equipment suppliersIFE and communication systems suppliersLighting suppliers; Cabin decoration, textiles, and linen suppliersOn-board Emergency and Survival Equipment; Aircraft interior design and refurbishment suppliers Media organizations and government agencies in aviation field, Industry association / professionals.
Booking Now:
Please book the Shanghai International Aircraft Interiors exhibition immediately, or through the following contact details to book “AIE China 2018” booth:
Person to Contact: Mr. Zhu
Add: Room 203, No. 1518, Zhangyang Road, Pudong, 200135, Shanghai, China
Tel: +86-021-6162 9727-807
MP: +86-135 8866 9664
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